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Past Events 

  • The Fellowship Network and Rev. Okoth Otura Participation in International AIDS Conference in Toronto, August 18th - 21st 2006.  

'The Fellowship', since October 1 2005, has been working closely with various Community Health Service providers and research institutions in Toronto, in coordinating outreaches among the East African community, continental Africans, news immigrants and entire community around the Greater Toronto Area. 

As faith based organization (FBO) we have joined many actors in the global fight against this devastating pandemic at a time when we know that the church has not always responded appropriately to the challenge posed by HIV/AIDS. 

And therefore, "The Fellowship" regrets instances where Faith Based Organizations have contributed to stigma, fear, discrimination and misinformation.

Rev Okoth Otura the President, has offered his skill by volunteering with among others the Black Coalition For Aids Prevention as faith based outreach coordinator. 

In the process 'The Fellowship" has been a referral agency to the key health players here in Toronto, to the Health Service providers such as Aids Committee of Toronto, People with Aids Foundation and the African Community Health Services.

And also to those in denial, the new immigrants and refugees in dire need of spiritual counsel and prayers have got solace in The Fellowship's volunteer services.

Deborah Cooper, Winston Husband (ACCHO) and Rev Okoth Otura, at Int. Aids Conference Toronto August 2006

'The Fellowship" has assisted in referrals for various research activities with the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine on the East African Community since September 2005. 

'The Fellowship' has got recognition from the dynamic HIV researcher Winston Husband the co-chairman of Africa & Caribbean Council, on HIV/AIDS in Ontario (ACCHO), and many other in the Aids Committee Toronto (ACT). 

Dr Mona Loutfy, of Maple Leaf Medical Clinic and Canadian Immunodeficiency Research Collaborative (CIRC) the most celebrated doctor and researchers among the Continental Africans in Toronto, is one the inspirations of the success of EACTMF with keen interest in the health issues affecting Africans here in Canada and Africa.

International Aids Conference in Toronto August 18-21 2006 Rev Okoth Otura Participation:

Rev Otura was granted Canadian Sponsorship through the Black-CAP as Faith Based Outreach Coordinator. The opportunity was well utilized and changed the vision for the EACTMF's approach in fighting HIV/AIDS, Malaria and TB both here in Canada and Kenya, and in Luoland (Nyanza province, Kenya). 

The moving speeches from Stephen Lewis, Bill Clinton, Bill & Melinda Gates, Her Royal Highness Crown Princes Mette-Marit of Norway and many other speakers from all the world, plus the interaction with various active organizations in the field of Community and Health Development in the world made critical change in tactics approach towards road map to 'Time to Deliver' theme for the Faith Based Organization.

'The Fellowship" established a network of relations with the key players and some follow up since that have bore fruits and are encouraging indeed. 

African Traditional HIV/AIDS healers display their medicine at the International AIDS Conference in Toronto August 2006.

Christina, Rev Okoth & Lotta, the nurses from Sweden at Int. Aids Conference 2006 Toronto, Canada.

The Fellowship will forge ahead to minister to the hurting with great compassion through spiritual nourishment and physical support. 

As Faith Based Organization (FBO) our main objective is to mission to the world with the Gospel. The battle on HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB and the reduction poverty in the world is huge and complicated. 

"The experts have repeatedly confirmed that there is no defiance of money, wealth and food in this World but in actual sense there are enough resources to provide the whole world with necessities, the main and major problem is the lack of fair distributions of wealth."

In the conference, Rev Otura concurred with many speakers and experts who condemned the G8 nations for not keeping their promises to by creating unreasonable restrictions for the third world so that they are kept in dependence with no hope to free themselves from Diseases, Poverty and Ignorance.

The Fellowship leadership, had to adopt new tactics in approach to this huge and unbearable world problem by narrowing its focus to Continental African Communities in Canada.

While, Fellowship recognizes that in impoverished nations in Africa and else where HIV/AIDS, and Malaria deaths are the leading cause of deaths because of poorly maintained Health Care system and education standards that has vehemently drooped for the recent years. 

Recommendations from research findings have cultural side effect in the community, for example male circumcision as way of HIV/AIDS prevention, has met a resistance from across the communities leaders and is often considered a taboo. 

A reputable researcher and medical journalist Dr. David Gisselquist from USA, has established that the poor Health Care Services through un-sterile medical injections, surgeon instruments and contaminated multi-dose vials have had significant contributions to HIV transmission in African communities, a fact which has been little understood and consistently downplayed by governments of the world.

The Fellowship, therefore calling for partners to narrow our efforts to this marginalized community as we heed to the Toronto AIDS Conference declaration: "TIME TO DELIVER"

The Fellowship invites partners to deliver in accordance with the motto: 

HIV/AIDS, "this disease is not unto death" John 11:4.

Yours Sincerely in Christ

Rev Okoth Otura,
The President / Senior Pastor 



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